Who we are

Team2Tradcore is the best translation partner you can have. While your job is trading globally and launching new products or services in a global market.

Tradcore Translations’ job is to translate your content so your business can reach more clients.

Tradcore offers translation services over multiple specializations with capacity to adapt your documentation, advertisements, brochures, software, websites into any language, helping you: attract new sales,expand your business, communicate better worldwide.

What our clients value most about our service is the close dedication we put on their projects

  • We work for you as if we were your own translation department
  • Our proved simple processes have demonstrated to work simply more efficiently
  • Quality is always assured through our processes
  • We taylor the management of your project based on what you really need

Despite all the processes and quality procedures in place, the “human factor” of a competent project manager is key to the translation project success.


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