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Maite Martín Ortega European Product manager at ResMed
Since we started working with Tradcore, our marketing materials in other languages have the accuracy and premium quality required and are always ready in the time needed. Communication with Sonia is always fast and easy. Leaving all the translation work in her hands really gives me peace of mind.
Patricia Chabbey Financial Director at Doppelmayr Spain (TPC)
We have been working with Sonia and Tradcore for many years. They perfectly understand our business and they are the best help when it comes to share corporate and financial documentation with other companies and clientes in our group.
Adrian Bühler Engineering Sales Manager at Garaventa
Thanks to Tradcore, the communication with our clients out of Switzerland is easy and timely. We can now provide accurate project documentation in the language of our clients and on time.
Antonio Miguel Ortiz Content Manager at Vocces
We collaborate with Sonia and Tradcore since we started our company. They are an essential part of our production processes and add much value to the final quality of our audioguides and publications.