Localization is the process of adapting all types of documents, materials, software, multimedia and websites to fit your target culture or language. 

Web Localization

A website is one of the primary tools used to market a product as it often serves as the first point of contact with a customer. Therefore it is of paramount importance that your site translation accurately conveys the company image you want to portray. By making the effort to deliver your company’s content it will resonate personally with customers, making it more likely for your product or service to be received positively.

Localization Engineering

We have the capability in-house to work with any technology or formats in use. Our localization engiennering team is experienced in a variety of web based applications and design formats. All the file types are carefully analised, prepared for translation and engineered with the best possible consideration for time and quality.

Localizing Layout and Site Navigation

From images and pictures, to fonts, slogans and design, every part of any comminication message must be localized accoding to the target audience.