Terminology Management

The correct and consistent use of terminology is of outmost importance in every project, as well as the language style, in order to keep accuracy, consistency, and corporate identity in terms of language. Client preferences must be observed and applied consistently in every project. For this purpose, we use a variety of tools that help us achive these goals.

Selection or creation of:

  • Term bases, information material, references (tradcore-owned, publicly available, customer-owned)
  • Literature and style guides
  • Dictionaries and Glosaries

Use of Translation memories and CAT tools that suggest the most consistent stored target the segment being translated and store new segment translations to progressively improve quality and consistency.

The use of translation memories also helps to save costs, since the repeated segments in new translations have a discounted price. As we translate more documents for you, the consistency of your texts and your cost savings become more and more efficient.